Eventhough the next show isn't untiul Feb 12, 2010 it is not too early to apply for the next show! There are three different types of applications, models, desiners/performers, and event help applications.

Model Application

We now have an automated profile submission page. Head on over to our brand new input form and you can submit your info as well as using our system to make you a thumbnail profile pic

To see how the infomation will be posted, go over to our model's page. This page is where designers and interested parties can identify you as a potential model for the show. It is our most popular page on the site and it can drive traffic to your portfolio so please add your profile today.

Designer/Performer Application

Please email us with your proposals! The contact page has our email address. The show is a dynamic, uptempo 2 hour continious show of designers and performers. It is primarily intended to feature new up and coming talent. If you have been around for a while or already have the budget to afford booths at the Flea, please leave room in the show for those that do not and need the exposure.

Upon being accepted to be in the show the following information is needed:

  • Your comany name
  • URL link to website
  • Email address
  • Standard sized web banner 468px by 60px (Don't have a banner? Email us for help in getting one made)
  • Company bio (three or four sentences

  • The information will be used all over the website to draw traffic to your business. Show listings on the website are in order of acceptance so get your infor into me as soon as possible to get higher up on the page.

    Three weeks prior to the show more information needs to be sent in. This is the stuff that goes in the program book (500 were printed and handed out in 2008) and it is also needed to plan the show. Late information holds up the publication of the program book and may mean that we will not have the information needed for people to find you after the show.

  • Number of entries/sets
  • Confirmed model names (they must be registered, see above)
  • Descriptions of the entries (if you know which model will be wearing it it will really help me out)
  • Constraints(are you going to be late due to travel, etc)
  • Additional requirements (lighting, etc)
  • Music to use during set (this can come in a little later if you don't know quite yet
  • Designers and performers must also sign model releases on the day of the show, so please do not forget.

    Event help Application

    We are looking for more help to make next year's show even better than the last one. Email us with your qualifications. A resume would make you stand out over someone with a one line email. Fashion and theater experience a bonus. Event help counts towards NELA volunteer hours and NELA goodies. If you are not already on the NELA volunteer's email list you should be.

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